About the Author

Barbara Champion

Barbara Champion has been fortunate enough to be involved in the lives of special needs children in both her job as well as her own family. She is a mom of four boys and has worked with children of special needs for more than seventeen years. Working with these children combined with her education in American Sign Language, she has seen the difference it’s made in their lives. She has had the opportunity to work with kids of various abilities and diagnosis. Her biggest thrill over the years is to see a child that previously didn’t know how to communicate a thought or feeling, use a sign for the first time. She has seen kids that had little to no language learn sign language, or what she affectionately calls Hand Talk. They can tell her an elaborate story they created, or just share what they did over the weekend. She loves watching their faces light up when they are understood.  Barb loves teaching Hand Talk and believes it’s is just a fun way to learn some signs, while at the same time learn the basic building blocks of communicating with sign language. ENJOY. 

We've Come a Long Way Reni

Hand Talk was originally self published in 2015 before it was picked up by Royal Fireworks Press. Since then, we have made some changes including some amazing illustrations. This is the original cover, author illustrated...like I said, we've come a long way Reni.

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\Hand Talk: Reni Goes to School has recently been released, The next book in the series is Hand Talk: Reni has a Playdate. Upcoming books: Reni Goes to the Dr., Reni Goes to the Zoo, Reni Goes Out to Eat...and much more. Stay connected and subscribe on the homepage of learnhandtalk.com

About the Books

What is the Hand Talk Series About?


The books in the Hand Talk series, by author Barbara Champion, introduce children to Sign Language in a way that enables them to understand that being unable to communicate in traditionally accepted ways is a frustration that can be overcome. Children can read about the fun and ornery character of Reni, a boy who is both spirited and vulnerable because of his fears about not being able to be understood. Children learn alongside Reni; the back half of each book contains specific written instructions for making each sign in the book, as well as photos and QR codes that link to videos of the author signing each word or phrase.

While the books are certainly helpful for deaf or hard-of-hearing children and those around them, they also teach valuable nonverbal communication skills to special-needs children, minimally verbal children, and very young children, as well as their parents, teachers, caregivers, and anyone else who engages with a child who struggles with spoken language. They are also a fun way to learn the basics of sign language for those kids who would like to learn a new skill.